As a result of public meetings and community pressure the state government announced a Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the 'balance of the site' in October 2002. The public sessions of this inquiry completed in June 2003, and a the recommendations are expected to be completed later this year.

The following information was posted prior to the public sessions and is left as it was first compiled...

The Terms of Reference for the Inquiry are very broad to enable submission of any information that relates to land use at Sandon Point. They are:

"To make recommendations on the preferred land uses, planning outcomes and management options, for the land (shown edged heavy black), having regard to its values and constraints in the broader context of the surrounding urban and non urban environment."
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Note: Residents who feel that the Terms of Reference should have been directly applied to Stages 1- 6 are encouraged to make these views, with the arguments that support them, known to the Commissioners in their submission.

Submissions on the Stages 1- 6 land issues are considered relevant in the context of the surrounding urban environment.

A one page pro forma submission is available for download in both word [23kb] and pdf [9kb] format.

For many years we've been trying to save Sandon Point as open space, even before its European and natural heritage was appreciated. Though not the community's preferred option for dealing with the planning, environmental and heritage concerns at Sandon Point, the State Governments COI is an opportunity to address some of the long running concerns surrounding the development.

Here is some information that will help you make constructive submissions to the COI, and make it an inquiry which works for the community.

Dates and Information
Background briefing documents are available at Wollongong and Thirroul Libraries, and at the office of the Commission of Inquiry at Level 13, 301 George St, Sydney.

The final date for Lodging submissions is 10am Wednesday February 12th. We recommend submissions be sent in time to arrive no later than 11th February. Five copies are required to be sent to GPO Box 3415, SYDNEY, 1043.

Submissions may be presented in any form, including written, verbal, video or audio tape. Submissions can also be creative, i.e. songs, plays, poems etc. Each submission must have a cover sheet giving the name, address, and telephone number (BH) and indicate if you wish to appear before the COI (including the estimated time of the presentation).

If you want to present directly to the commission, you need to indicate how long you wish to address the Commission in your submission. You may also request a site visit to explain to the Commissioners your views on-site, simply by requesting it in your submission.

Council will be conducting an extraordinary meeting at 5pm on Tuesday, February 4th, at Level 10 in the council chambers to consider it's submission to the COI. We urge all interested residents to attend.

The Inquiry will begin sitting on March 3rd and again we urge interested residents to attend the sessions which will begin at 2pm on level 10 of the Council building in Burelli St.

Questions to other submitters must be addressed directly to the party from whom the information is required, with a copy to Paula Poon, (Ph 9299 2904) of the COI, by March 10th.

More COI information is on these website' &

Some of the issues requiring attention include;

  • The circumstances of original land sales (the Sydney Water land for example)
  • Planning and rezoning issues
  • Protecting Flora and Fauna
  • Aboriginal and European Heritage
  • Traffic problems
  • Flooding issues
  • Wetland and creek restoration
  • Monitoring and enforcing consent conditions
  • Contamination and site remediation
  • Community consultation failures
  • Community service and infrastructure problems (availability of schools, emergency service access etc)

The COI is about land use & we will be able to help residents with preparation of their submissions if you need advice. Contact: Ian Miles for details (Ph 4267 2608 or email

Sandon Point DCP Review Committee
The Wollongong City Council Development Control Plan (DCP) Review Committee has been reviewing the DCP for the Sandon Point area including Gibson Park, and Council has resolved to use the draft DCP as the basis for the WCC submission to the COI.

This DCP has the potential to impact on a large area of Thirroul and the COI includes the southern part of Gibson Park. Issues include traffic options for Stockland's development via Wrexham Road and access to Thirroul Station through Gibson Park and McCauley Park.

The consultants, Dickson Rothchild, have now produced a draft DCP for comment by the Steering Committee. It will be on public exhibition at a later stage in the process but Council are using the draft as the basis for their submission to the COI.

We want the COI to recommend that the NSW Government commits to introducing legislation which will buy back, and rezone as Environmental Protection, the entire land currently subject to the COI and the land called Stages 1-6 of the current Stockland Development at Sandon Point.