The latest battle in the long-running saga over the future of land located between Thirroul & Bulli, namely Sandon Point & McCauley's Beach, is currently being fought between a Sydney-based property developer, Stockland, and the local community. The issues are wide-ranging and complex.

In 2000, Stockland submitted development applications to Wollongong Council for "Stages 1-6" of a new suburb they propose to develop on the land lying between Thirroul & Bulli. The division of the project into 20 stages so far, disguises the enormity of the proposal. If allowed to proceed, there would be very close to 1300 new dwellings built (including an existing factory site)- equating to an additional 3000 people in the area. (The current population of Thirroul is 5400). There are no plans for infrastructure such as roads, shops, car parks, transport, schools, hospitals, police presence, community facilities and sewerage systems to accompany this massive increase in population. Stockland would take its money & run, while the council would make a killing on skyrocketing rates for still no financial input into the area.

Of equal concern to residents is the manner in which this development has been allowed to proceed. The stench of corruption surrounding this issue can be detected at both state and local government levels. There is clear evidence in numerous instances that illegal acts have been occurring, and that government guidelines are not being followed. Even the Land & Environment Court's verdict was based on flawed evidence. Under these circumstances, the community's collective outrage has necessitated our direct intervention to ensure that the proposed development does not proceed unless all existing laws and statutes are enforced and adhered to.

We are certain that if all the necessary research is independently carried out, there will be compelling reasons for a complete rethink of this contentious development proposal.


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