Kuradji Sandon Point is located approximately 55km south of Sydney on the east coast of Australia, between the coastal villages of Bulli and Thirroul. The proposed development site is bounded Thirroul to the north, Bulli to the south, Sandon Point/McCauley's Beach to the east, and the South Coast rail line to the west.

View North from Hill Street

To get to Kuradji Sandon Point, you can catch a train to either Bulli or Thirroul for a short walk/cycle to the site. It is a more pleasant walk/cycle form Thirroul train station, and is now quicker as a result of the site has being fenced-off. Alternatively, you can travel to Kuradji Sandon Point by car.

Directions are given below (you can follow the links above), and printable maps with directions will be available soon.


From Bulli rail station, head north to the bridge over the rail line at Park Rd (only ~30m). You can then head east along Park Road, which will bring you out onto Trinity Row/Blackall Street, the cycleway, and Sandon Point Beach. Head north along the cycleway or beach towards the point.

Alternatviely, you can head north down Veigals Lane (on the western side of the rail line), which will turn into a cycleway/footpath. Follow this path for a short distance to where it splits. Follow the right path under the rail line and then turn left on Beacon Avenue. This will bring you to Point Street and the 'Iron Gate' that new blocks the 'main' entrance to the site. Head east along Point Street until you reach Hill St. You will be able to see the fence at the northen end of hill street and the community picket. You can walk down Hill Street to the Picket.


From Thirroul rail station, head east along station street, turn right onto McCauley Street, and then left on Surfers Parade. You can descend to the beach a slighlty challenging walk along the rocks to McCauley's Beach, or you can head south down Craig Street and then Hamilton Street. This will bring you to McCauley's Beach and the start of the cycleway.

Alternatively, you can head south-east through Thomas Gibson Park, following the trail that will bring out at the intersection of Surfers Parade and Seabreeze Place. Head south to the end of Surfers Parade (about 20m) and follow the trail across the creek to bring you out onto the site.

You will be able to see both the Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy and the community picket.


If you are heading south or south-east, you can take the Southern Freeway or Appin Road. Alternatively you can take the more scenic Lawrence Hargrave Drive either from Stanwell Tops, or you can come through the Royal National Park first (you will need to check if Lawrence Hargrave Drive is open - there are currently cliff stabilsation works in progress at CLifton). You want to take the Bulli Pass turn off. After reacing the bottom of Bulli Pass, you want to turn left onto Point Street, which will take all the way to the car park at Sandon Point.

If you are heading north, you can take the northen distributor from Wollongong, which will eventually take you onto the Princess Highway. Turn right onto Point Street as you pass through Bulli, which will take all the way to the car park at Sandon Point. Alternatively, you can continue on York St/Mitchell Street/Thompson Street when the Northern Distributor ends. Turn right at Farrell Road, which turns into Trinity Road/Blackall Street as it turns to the north at Bulli Beach. This will take you to the Sandon Point car park.