The campaign to save and protect Kuradji Sandon Point is made up of a diverse number of groups and individuals. It is a campaign that has existed for over a decade in gubba speak, and probably before Cornelius O'Brien was granted a lease of 300 acres that included the site in 1821 (leading to the enforced slavery of many Indigenous Australians). O'Brien was also involved in at least two massacres.

As new sources of information are found, they will be added to the site. For now, there are details for the Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy (SPATE), the Community Picket, Michael Organ's website (a local historian), the web designer, and a selection of those who have helped with the creation and maintenance of this site.


[under development

A website for the embassy is currently under development. Details will be posted when their site is launched.


Visitors are always welcome at the picket. There is a roster for those who can staff the picket, ranging from 1 hour to overnight.

The picket can be contacted by phone on 0402 185 906.


Michael Organ also has a website filled with a substantial amount of information about Sandon Point. He has provided invaluable comments and feedback about this site, all of which is greatly appreciated.
[Following the result of the Cunningham bi-election, Michael Organ has taken leave from his position at the University of Wollongong for his new position as the Federal member for Cunningham. As a result his website is not currently available.]


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And to all those who have provided information and feedback about the site, its design, and its content, the site wouldn't be the same without you.

The biggest cheer, however, goes out to all those who have worked to save and protect Sandon Point.

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