Sandon Point Community Picket & SPATE
Media release – 23 June 2004

On 4 August 2004, members of Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy (SPATE) observed the removal of 44 truckloads of soil, from Sandon Point, which was taken to Edgewood Estate, Woonona. The soil was then dumped in the centre of that development near the Princes Highway.

As soon as the soil was dumped, graders then mixed that soil straight into the ground with foreign soils. The soil has not been examined for artefacts.

On previous site inspection of the Sandon Point development, the area from which the soil was removed was found to contain numerous Aboriginal artefacts, and archaeologist Robert Paton, can verify this.

We are in the Land & Environment court from Monday 9th August, still dealing with the S90’s that were granted by the Department of Environment & Conservation, previously NPWS.

To date Wollongong City Council has not intervened with Sandon Point development, regarding any of the breaches perpetrated by Stockland or individual builders. This is of grave concern to us as it shows that WCC, NPWS/DEC, and Stockland the developer, are not concerned with following the letter of the law.

On 5 August, Elder Allan Carriage said, “Aboriginal heritage is once again being disrespected, dumped and scattered throughout the region. We would like it to stop.”



Allan Carriage
Dootch Kennedy