Sandon Point Community Picket
Media release – 26 November 2003

Knowles Must Move on Sandon Point Findings

The South Coast Labour Council has sought an urgent meeting with the Minister responsible for implementing the Sandon Point Commission of Inquiry findings, Mr Craig Knowles and a commitment from him that he will implement those findings in full.

Arthur Rorris, South Coast Labour Council Secretary said,

"Sandon Point has been a planning disaster for Wollongong Council and the State Government." "The Stockland development at Sandon Point has been met with unprecedented opposition and bitterness within our community for several years."

"The State Government commissioned an independent inquiry to get impartial, professional advice about the way forward."

"That advice has now come through and the Government must act quickly to accept and implement all of the recommendations which will settle the matter."

“Any attempt at this stage to change the goal posts in order to placate the developer will almost certainly re-ignite this dispute and add another chapter to this long running campaign."