Bushland Management Strategy 2003 and beyond
Produced by the Tramway Wetlands Planning Committee in association with the Northern Illawarra Residents Action Group (NIRAG) January 2003 with the assistance of Natural Habitats Ecosystem Management

The Bushland Management Strategy is available for download in pdf format, with the document split into several segments due to its size.


1. Introduction
2. Background
3. The Management Principle
4. Key Goals of this Strategy
5. Key Objectives of this Strategy
6. Site Assessment Procedure
7. Policy Recommendations and Framework for Management
8. Site Rehabilitation and Protection
9. Review
A1. Native Flora and woody/herbacious weed list
A2. Plant Species List: Tramway Creek and Wetlands
B. Bird List - Sandon Point and surrounds
C. Monthly Bird Counts - Sandon Point and surrounds
D. Mammals, reptiles, amphibia and fish list - Sandon Point and surrounds
E. Bat survey findings - Sandon Point and surrounds
F. Endangered Sydney Coastal Estuarine Swamp complex plant species assemblage

contents and cover [105kb]
chapter 1 [780kb]
chapters 2-5 [256kb]
chpater 6.1 [548kb]
chapter 6.2 (zone 1) [322kb]
chapter 6.2 (zone 2) [610kb]
chapter 6.2 (zone 3) [347kb]
chapter 6.2 (zone 4) [416kb]
chapter 6.2 (zone 5) [302kb]
chapter 6.2 (zone 6) [312kb]
chapter 6.2 (zone 7) [657kb]
chapter 6.2 (zone 8) [889kb]
chapter 6.2 (zone 9) [610kb]
chapter 6.2 (zone 10) [840kb]
chapter 6.2 (zone 11) [574kb]
chapter 6.2 (zone 12) [610kb]
chapter 7-end [445kb]